Virtual Faculty Development Workshops and Coaching


When the COVID-19 Pandemic impacted higher education in 2020, Educator Training & Consulting responded with innovative, on-demand, and online professional development. Faculty need to develop alternative teaching methods and tools that they can easily use to keep students on the path to success, whether those students are enrolled in fully online, hybrid or face2face courses. The focus of each workshop is on a selection of free and easy-to-use teaching apps and websites, and each workshop comes with three hours of online coaching, so faculty can quickly apply these new tools.

  • Each session is delivered via Zoom to a maximum of 30 faculty members who can attend
  • After the session, faculty members can schedule a virtual one-on-one or small group Zoom training session with ETC for extra help to learn how to use the apps to which they have been introduced. During these coaching sessions, the facilitator assists faculty in creating and implementing tools to help their students.

The Virtual Workshops

Increasing Participation and Discussion in any Environment
Students learn through active discussion and engagement, and our teaching should reflect this approach. During this session, faculty will be shown how to use Discussion Areas (or Chats) and the Remind and FlipGrid apps, which help students stay on task and communicate what they have learned.

Establishing and Communicating Academic Expectations
Most faculty feel confident when they are able to explain their academic expectations to students in a face2face environment. However, it’s important for faculty to be able to reach out to students in any environment to keep them focused. In this session, faculty will learn how to record themselves, via screencast, explaining to students how to complete assignments and succeed in the course.

Collecting and Grading Online Assignments
No matter the teaching environment, it’s important for faculty to use new tools to collect and grade assignments. This session will help faculty learn how to use Screencast-o-matic, EdPuzzle and reviewing tools in order to provide effective feedback to students.

Providing Digital Content and Lectures
The lecture is not dead – and it can be moved into a digital world! This session will help faculty use Nearpod during synchronous lectures in any classroom. In addition, we’ll review how Screencasting can be used to provide asynchronous instruction.

Valuable and Easy to Use Apps to Engage Learners
Whether teaching online or in a face2face environment, we need to use effective tools to engage and interact with our students. During this session, faculty will learn how to use GooseChase (a scavenger hunt app), Padlet (a Discussion Board app), and Remind (a messaging app) to keep students engaged.

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